iPad Inflight Entertainment - Taking Off Soon

ipad inflight entertainment

Inflight entertainment has come a long way in recent years. What started as a one-movie-for-all service, has quickly evolved into highly personalized entertainment for every passenger on most flights. Now things may get even more interesting on your future flights, thanks to a company called Bluebox Avionics. You've heard of this device called the iPad, right? If Bluebox has their way, soon passengers will be given their own personal inflight iPad to watch a wide-range of programming. Tetris, anyone?

They are meant to replace typical in-flight entertainment systems that force travelers to watch a movie chosen by the airline on a screen either on the seat in front of them or overhead.
Although the iPad is the flashy part of Bluebox Avionics' new service, it is the software running on the iPad that airlines would covet. The service streams content wirelessly to the iPad based on what the traveler chooses to view. Bluebox also points out that its software comes bundled with security that will allow travelers to view content throughout the flight, rather than at specified times when using electronic devices is allowed.
via CNET


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