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Windsor International Airport Seeking Porter Airlines Expansion

porter airlines

According to the Windsor Star Porter Airlines may soon be landing at Windsor International Airport for a direct service hookup to Toronto Island.

"We are in the final stages with Porter Airlines and we will likely hear from them by the end of the month" - Federica Nazzani, Windsor Airport CEO via Windsor Star
Porter Airlines is on a roll. They now boast service to 14 markets and growing, including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Moncton, Halifax, St. John's, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, New York (Newark), Chicago (Midway), Boston (Logan), and seasonal flights to Mt. Tremblant, Que. and Myrtle Beach, SC.
"We are seeing positive momentum continue with growth across all key measures," said Robert Deluce, president and CEO of Porter Airlines. "The Thanksgiving weekend posted record passenger numbers and our team members are doing an excellent job maintaining the high levels of service that Porter has become known for as the airline expands."
Robert Deluce is singing the tune of an airline that is clearly on the rise. Will Windsor be Porter's next winning note?

via The Windsor Star
via CNW
Photo credit: abdallahh

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Air Canada launching non-stop daily Toronto - New Orleans service

air canada jazz crj

More Canadians visit New Orleans each year than any other non-U.S. country, making Canada the #1 foreign market for the city of New Orleans. Beer and Mardis Gras obviously mix quite well.

Air Canada continues to expand its cross-border flights out of Pearson, now New Orleans marks the 8th new U.S. daily service announced in 2010.

"Air Canada is very pleased to offer customers service between Toronto and New Orleans, the eighth new route from Toronto to the U.S. we will launch this year. New Orleans was recently voted one of the top ten cities to visit in the U.S. and Canada by the well-respected Travel + Leisure magazine and there are also important business connections between New Orleans and Canada. Customers will enjoy the choice of two classes of service, the opportunity to collect and redeem Aeroplan miles, and for those who are eligible lounge access and concierge service ... This route further enhances our Toronto hub at Lester B. Pearson International Airport where our operations are centralized in a single terminal with streamlined customs procedures, making it an extremely convenient gateway to and from the U.S. and an ideal transfer point for domestic, transborder and international travelers connecting to our extensive global network." - Ben Smith, EVP CCO Air Canada
Air Canada's Toronto to New Orleans non-stop daily service will begin on October 30, 2010.

Mardis Gras season in New Orleans typically runs from November through February. Is this new Air Canada route the Mardis Gras Shuttle?

Mardis Gras:

Mardis Gras (1956):

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iPad Inflight Entertainment - Taking Off Soon

ipad inflight entertainment

Inflight entertainment has come a long way in recent years. What started as a one-movie-for-all service, has quickly evolved into highly personalized entertainment for every passenger on most flights. Now things may get even more interesting on your future flights, thanks to a company called Bluebox Avionics. You've heard of this device called the iPad, right? If Bluebox has their way, soon passengers will be given their own personal inflight iPad to watch a wide-range of programming. Tetris, anyone?

They are meant to replace typical in-flight entertainment systems that force travelers to watch a movie chosen by the airline on a screen either on the seat in front of them or overhead.
Although the iPad is the flashy part of Bluebox Avionics' new service, it is the software running on the iPad that airlines would covet. The service streams content wirelessly to the iPad based on what the traveler chooses to view. Bluebox also points out that its software comes bundled with security that will allow travelers to view content throughout the flight, rather than at specified times when using electronic devices is allowed.
via CNET

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Air France Unveils New Logo and Branding

Founded on October 7, 1933, Air France has grown to become one of the largest and most recognized airlines in the world. In 1975 Air France updated their logo, but a lot has happened to the airline since that logo revision over 25 years ago.

The previously French government-owned company was transformed into a private corporation called Groupe Air France. On May 5, 2004, Air France merged with KLM and officially became Air France-KLM. This merger created the largest airline in the world in terms of operating revenues, and third-largest in passenger kilometres.

After experiencing so much growth and change to the brand since 1975, it was time for an updated identity to reflect Air France's new global footprint.

air france new logo branding

Air France hired Brandimage to execute the re-design and by all accounts, they did a fine job.

Gone are the racing stripes in favour of a single contoured stripe producing a much cleaner and refined look. The typeface has also been streamlined and it too produces a more sophisticated aesthetic. Another interesting design choice was the decision to merge the two words into one. Some might find this a tad confusing as the airline will inevitably still be called 'Air France' but their brand identity will have the merged typography.

air france new logo branding

Back in 1933 when Air France was formed, it was actually a collection of airlines that grouped together to form the initial Air France. Air Orient, Air Union, Compagnie Generale Aeropostale, Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aerienne (CIDNA), and Societe Generale de Transport Aerien were the airlines that merged, and when the merger happened Air France adopted Air Orient's sea-horse logo as their primary insignia. The official name of the sea-horse is the hippocampe aile. As part of the updated brand identity, the hippocampe aile was transformed into a wireframe and will likely be used as a backdrop behind the new logo.

air france new logo hippocampe

Here's a video that explains more about the motivations behind Air France's re-branding:

Air France Re-Branded - New Logo Identity on

One final 'note', the song that is featured in that corporate video as well as most Air France commercials is called 'Between the Miles' by Aswefall. You can hear the full song below:

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Singapore Airlines A380 Is 'Queen Of The Skies'

singapore airlines a380

Boeing began releasing their latest 'Queen of the Sky' airliner in October of 2007 and Singapore Airlines were the first to happily accept delivery of these luxurious state-of-the-art jetliners. If you haven't yet had the privilege to fly on an SA A380, let me give you a sneak peek. Economy and business passengers have quite possibly the roomiest seating arrangement in the industry. This is partially due to the incredible design of the aircraft, but it is also the result of Singapore Airlines putting their passengers comfort before profit. Singapore Airlines opted to reduce seating capacity by over 5% specifically to give more room to their customers.

singapore airlines a380

If you you've got the big bucks, you can purchase one of 12 luxury suites on the aircraft. These suites are the ultimate in airborne luxury with leather chair, full designer bed / mattress, 23' LCD television, closet and bar.

The Singapore Airlines A380 may be the first airplane you won't want to get off of.

Take a video tour of the Singapore Airlines A380:


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150 Flights Cancelled As Winter Storm Rips Through Southern Ontario
12.19.08 02:32 PM EST


Firesteel Knife

This ToolLogic Firesteel Knife is ideal for the outdoors enthusiast, especially if you enjoy activities like camping and hiking.

The knife features a razor sharp blade and an emergency signal whistle which would be helpful if you ever were lost in the woods.


The Swedish made Firesteel will even spark when wet, so you can be out in in the middle of nowhere without a match or lighter and still be able to get a fire going.

It is small and compact, easy to stick in your pocket and carry around with you, and is available for just $29.99 at ThinkGeek.

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Baseball Glove Leather Bags

Official purveyor to Major League Baseball, Rawlings is the designer and manufacturer of this next travel item.

These baseball glove leather bags are perfect for travel, and would make a fantastic Christmas gift for the baseball enthusiast in your life.


These bags are actually made of the same leather that is used to make the professional baseball gloves.

The large duffel makes the ultimate weekender bag for the sporting type, and the travel bag is perfect for your little valuables, such as your toiletries, phone and personal identification.

Each bag is lined in nylon and individually numbered, and you can purchase either or both through Gift Bee.

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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a...Chronograph?

Be honest, do you know what a chronograph is?

Well, I can truthfully say that although I consider myself to be quite well educated, I was still not exactly sure what type of device a chronograph was.

Wikipedia defines a chronograph as being:

A timepiece or watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. Pocket watch chronographs were produced as early as the 18th century but did not become popular until the 1820s.

There is a grand selection these chronographs available I have found, but this particular one stood out.


This is a rotating dial chronograph watch by Bellagio bel Tempo, a rotating-bezel chronograph watch which is fashionable and oh so practical.

It is designed for men and women, and available in several different color variations so you can decide on which you prefer.

There are some very notable features offered on this classy watch, including:

The Bellagio bel Tempo name is one that you can trust in, as they bring together classical elegance with modern tones and touches of Italian design, to bring you the ultimate in luxury and uniqueness.

You can view the different color variations of these chronograph watches here.

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Austin House Soil-Free Shoe Covers

These shoes will add an air of simplicity to your life, or to the life of whoever you purchase them for.

Sure you could choose to pack your shoes in plastic bags or old socks, but neither of these ways are practical or easy.


These soil-free shoe covers make things so much simpler, and are made of a washable poly/cotton blend fabric which helps them to slide easily over your shoes, and they are extremely lightweight and yet very durable.

They are available for just $8.95 through Travel Wares.

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